Coaching Academy

This program has two complimentary components; seminar and clinic

SEMINAR: This is a monthly meeting held by the Technical Director.  Coach Paul covers different areas relating to Player and Team Development.  These two-hour clubhouse sessions cover both training and game advancements.  The use of lecture, videos, white board, and other uses of multimedia, as well as guest speakers, creates an environment conducive for enjoyment and learning.

CLINIC: These monthly on-field sessions allow all the Competitive Coaches to participate as a player in a SC Toronto session.  The Technical Director, alongside the Technical Team, performs various sessions to reinforce the topics covered in the previous Seminar.  The environment allows the Technical Team to explain the reasoning behind the SC Toronto training methods as the coaches interact with the lead coach.  Questions and consistent explanations allow for the entire group to follow individually while the training session takes place.

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