Frequently Asked Questions

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1.1. Where is SCToronto located?

We serve central west Toronto, although our players come from the across the city of Toronto. Our clubhouse is located at 779 Crawford Street, which is on the northwest corner of Christie Pits Park, next to the skating rink.

1.2. What are your business hours?

We are open Tuesdays and Thursdays  from 4-8 pm.

1.3. How can I contact the SC Toronto organization?

You may contact us via by email at info@sctoronto.ca 

1.4. I need to contact a specific board member, how can I do this?

To contact a board member, please visit our Board Members page under the Club heading for the appropriate email address.

1.5. I have a complaint (or a compliment!), who can I contact?

You may contact by email at info@sctoronto.ca

1.6. I would like to sponsor a team, how much does it cost and what is the process?

Our sponsors are key partners in ensuring that we provide exceptional programs for our youth. Please visit the sponsorship section on this website for more information, or contact the club directly.


2.1. How do I register?

You must register in person at our clubhouse during regular clubhouse hours or on our special early registration dates (please check website news for updates on this)

2.2. How much do your programs cost?

The costs vary for our different programs. Please visit the appropriate pages for more information. 

2.3. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Interact and cash… sorry, but we cannot accept cheques.

2.4. What do I need to bring when I come to register?

Since our programs are organized by age, you must bring identification for your child which shows their birth date (ie: Birth Certificate)

2.5. Who can register my child?

Any person over the age of 18 may register a child, as long as the proper identification is available.

2.6. I would like my child to be placed on her/his friends team can we do this?

Unfortunately we can not, under any circumstances, accept requests of this kind. The process of registrations and the making of teams in the short time frames under which we operate make such requests impossible. We hope that the variety of programs (in terms of both week days and locations) will alleviate any concerns you may have regarding the child’s attendance in games.

2.7. What is your refund policy?

Refunds must be done in person at our clubhouse during business hours. The yellow copy of your receipt must be presented and refunds are subject to administration fee and must be submitted within specified time frames.

2.8. When does registration start and/or end?

Registration periods change from season to season. Please refer to our website news on registration dates and times.

2.9. I need a tax receipt, who can I contact for this?

To obtain a tax receipt, please send your requests to info@sctoronto.com. Include your child’s name and date of birth. There is a minimum two week waiting period for the issuing of receipts (we appreciate your patience).


3.1. What is the difference between Micro and House League?

Micro is a co-ed league for children aged 4 and 5, House League is gender specific for all other ages. The size of the fields (and number of players on the field) also varies depending on the age of the players.

3.2. How do I find my child’s schedule?

Schedules can be found online in the house league section.

3.3. How do I contact my child’s coach?

We do not give out phone numbers for your coaches email. Please contact the club if you have any questions regarding the coaches.

3.4. When does the season start and how long does it last?

Our outdoor season is from mid May to mid September. Our indoor season is from November until March.

3.5. What if it is raining?

Please check our hot line at 416-901-3636 ONE HOUR before your game time. Please do not leave a message.

3.6. Where are your fields located?

The fields we use vary slightly from year to year depending on availability. Field maps and addresses can be found on under the Maps and Fields section.

3.7. What are evaluations?

In order to achieve skill parity on our teams, we require players to attend an evaluation session. These sessions (which take less than an hour) allow SC Toronto staff to assess skill levels in order to improve the process of creating teams. Every season we strive to create equally balanced teams. Once the season starts, we reserve the right to move players to different teams. Again, this is done to ensure parity. Please note that those who do not attend evaluations will be moved first if necessary (so we strongly encourage you to attend the evaluations)

3.8. I missed evaluations, what happens now?

Every season we strive to create equally balanced teams. We reserve the right to move players to different teams to ensure parity. Those who do not attend evaluations will be moved first, if necessary (so we strongly encourage you to attend the evaluations)

3.9. I am interested in becoming a house league coach, what is the procedure?

We are always seeking volunteer coaches who understand the SC Toronto league philosophy and Code of Conduct. Our coaches must strive to ensure a positive learning environment that supports the varying skill levels of our players. If you would like to get involved, please indicate your interest on the registration form at time of sign up. We seek both assistant and head coaches. Duties can include contacting other parents regarding schedule changes, running short practices before games, coordinating shift changes for the players, and sharing your love of the sport of soccer with the players and their parents. All volunteers must attend scheduled meetings and complete a police check.

3.10. What is included in your house league fee?

There is a difference between the outdoor and indoor seasons. The outdoor season fee includes a uniform (shirt, shorts and socks) a ball, trophy and picture. The indoor season is the same, but does not include a ball (since most indoor players already have a ball from the summer season).

3.11. I missed uniform distribution day, what happens now?

If you miss uniform day, please come to our clubhouse during regular hours for your uniform. Please note uniforms will be in short supply and sizes might not be available, but we will make every effort to attend uniform distribution day.

3.12. I missed photo day, are there re-takes?

Unfortunately there are no re-takes. We book a professional photographer for only a series of very busy days. Please check your schedules or contact the club for dates and times.

3.13. I did not receive my photo, where can I pick this up?

Photos are usually handed out by the team coaches during regular league games (or at the year end tournament). If you did not receive your photo, for any reason, please visit our clubhouse during business hours to pick up your photograph.

3.14. I did not receive my trophy/medal at the tournament, where can i pick it up?

Please visit our clubhouse during business hours to pick up your trophy/medal.

3.15. What equipment do I need to purchase for the outdoor season?

You must purchase shin pads for your child, he/she will not be allowed to play without them. You can find shin pads from $5 and up at stores which sell sporting equipment. Soccer cleats are not mandatory, but recommended.

3.16. What equipment do I need to purchase for the indoor season?

You must purchase shin pads for your child, he/she will not be allowed to play without them. Some players wear indoor soccer shoes, but they are certainly not necessary.

3.17. My child is small/big for their age, how can i get the size they need?

We try to ensure that our uniforms span a wide range of sizes. However, you should ensure that you attend uniform distribution since the selection of sizes obviously diminishes after the initial distribution of uniforms.


4.1. Who runs your soccer camp?

Our various camps are developed, organized and run by members of our technical team.

4.2. How much does it cost?

The summer 2010 camps costs $150 (full day) and $99 (half day). Prices for the 2011 season are unknown at this time.

4.3. What if it rains during the summer camp?

Since summer’s in Toronto have a potential for rain, we ensure that indoor facilities are available for the children during these days. Extremely hot or humid days may also necessitate the use of indoor fascilities.

4.4. How can I register for camp?

To register for camp please download and complete our brochure and fax to 416-588-7545 or visit our clubhouse

4.5. Where will the camp be held?

Our camps are held at Christie Pits Park

4.6. What is the refund policy?

Refunds must be requested by email or in person and is subject to an administration fee.