LTPD – Long Term Player Development

Soccer Club of Toronto Announces LTPD Program Changes


SC Toronto is pleased to announce that we have aligned our Grassroots Development Program (U8-U12) to the Ontario Soccer Association’s Long Term Player Development (LTPD) Matrix starting in the 2015 outdoor season.


With these changes SC Toronto has appointed Age Group Head Coaches (AGHC) to the club’s technical staff to oversee their respective open rosters.

The AGHC will be responsible for not only developing their pool of players, but also developing their pool of coaches. The AGHC will work closely with our Technical Director and other members of the club’s technical staff.


4 Corner


Playing Pathway_1


Talented Pathway



LTPD Is about putting the player first and offering age-appropriate opportunities for kids to enjoy the game of soccer. Making the game fun is key in teaching and coaching, so that players will continue in the game and may even coach or referee as they get older.

Please use the resources the Technical Department has assembled for parents and coaches for Grassroots (U4-U12), Soccer for Life (13+) and Talented Pathway (13+) players.