OPDL Resources

Launched in 2014 with the 2001 age group, the OPDL is the province’s standards-based, youth high performance league that combines top level competition with strict high performance training standards. This high performance program is an important component of the overall movement to adopt the core principles of Long Term Player Development (LTPD) across soccer at large in Ontario and Canada. Focusing on stages 4 (Train-To-Train) and 5 (Train-To-Compete) of the LTPD pathway, OPDL represents young players’ early graduation to a genuine high performance training environment, targeting only the top athletes in the province. Unlike other leagues, OPDL operates more as a high performance training program than merely a league.

In order to participate, clubs must apply for a license and meet strict criteria that show themselves to be worthy of training and developing the province’s best. OPDL teams have a base level of training intensity and rigour akin to professional soccer environments that mean their players not only compete against the best, but train like the best. Also, teams are not promoted or relegated from the OPDL.  Entry is decided on by the quality of the club, not the results on the field, allowing coaches to focus purely on developing their players.  Lastly, clubs must continue to meet the standard during the licensing period and are evaluated on a regular basis.  Renewal of an OPDL license is not merely based on paying a renewal fee.

Please follow these links to review valuable information regarding the OPDL and to get answers to almost all of your questions.  Also, please keep in mind that although we update these links often, visiting the OSA website or the OPDL website directly is your most accurate source for up-to-date information.