Referee Program

SC Toronto is committed to the training and development of Soccer Referees by providing an environment that allows opportunities for registered and potentially new referees to develop a passion and love for refereeing. Referees of all ages can learn the skills and be able to upgrade their license through Regional and Provincial Programs. Our referees will receive support from our experienced Referee Coordinator who will provide oversight to the Referee Program within our Club environment. The primary objective is to work with the referees and provide support for a successful transition from the classroom to the field of play. As a club we are proud of the safe environment we established thus, allowing high retention of staff. SC Toronto’s philosophy is a Referee is not only a leader but a teacher of the game itself.


Referee Guidelines

Referee Expectations

How to become a Referee

Rules and Locations

Fifa Laws of the Game

Field Maps

Indoor Rules


To apply for a referee position or have any questions /comments please contact the referee Coordinator  at