Soccer For Life Program

The Soccer for Life Program provides an environment where players can develop technique, skill, creativity and game-understanding to their full potential. Long-term player development drives all coaching activities at SC Toronto and is thus core to the design of the Competitive Program.  Coaching programs are crafted to suit the specific needs of each age group, ensuring that all players are given the opportunity to maximize their potential in a supportive environment that matches their level of commitment and their stage of development. Complete soccer players are developed in the program through a holistic approach involving the four key aspects of athletic training: the technical, the psychological, the physical and the social.

We believe that long-term love of the game arises from the enthusiasm of coaches who foster the development of technique, skill, game sense and creativity. Soccer coaching encourages crucial life-skills, including teamwork, dedication, perseverance, discipline and hard work. The starting point for all soccer development is mastery of the ball.

Our teams play at District and Regional level, acting as call-ups to our OPDL teams. This less than intensive environment suits the player looking to play at a competitive level without the added pressure.

Practice Format

All SC Toronto grassroots practices we will be following the Ontario Soccer Player Development Model.

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